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To be a successful business owner, put your life in perspective

What is the culture like in your company? Are people working together or is there a lot of headbutting and politics?  Are you getting anything out of all that meeting time? Do you enjoy going into the office or shop?  Are you getting time to pursue other passions? Is that bike in the garage full of cobwebs because it never made it out this year? Does your family remember what you look like?

This is the time of year I start to reflect on the abundance of blessings I have had in my life. It starts, of course with my parents, then quickly jumps to my family and children. Then you sprinkle in friends, employment, coworkers and the list go on and on and on. One thing for sure is that it is all founded in people and relationships.

A Two Pronged Belief

My work with Entrepreneurs and their leadership teams today is founded in my two pronged belief that business owners should be able to earn the revenue they take risks for,  make sacrifices for,  and work very hard for, while also having time to pursue the gift of life they have been granted.

Time to pursue passions outside of the office is equally important as the time spent in the shop or office. I’ve seen too many business owners get to chasing the one and ignore the other. This causes burn out, resentment, and frankly makes it hard for you to be a good leader. You can no longer empathize with employees and fellow business owners because you lose focus of what motivates you to succeed. While we remember the fantastic line from The Shining – “All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy,” I believe that  “All Work and No Play Makes You Lose Sight of What You Are Working For.”

I don’t know that there will ever be or should there be an equal balance between the time spent working and pursuing your passions or maintaining your relationships. However, I do believe that having both is possible and should be what each entrepreneur strives for.

The second prong to my belief has to do with the people you surround yourself with in your business. Having enjoyed my business life for as many years as I have been in it, I consider myself extremely blessed. I have never understood those people that dread waking up every Monday and heading into work. I also don’t understand all those people that cheer that it is hump day or Friday just looking for that great escape. I always sought challenge and derived pleasure out of helping the businesses I worked with and building strength around me in the people I managed.

I derive energy and enjoyment from the people I work with. You should accept no less in your business. Surround yourself with hard working people who fit the company culture and magic can happen. You’ll enjoy spending time together, you’ll become energized from each other’s ideas, and you’ll celebrate your successes. You can derive a lot of pleasure from working hard and going into work every day if you surround yourself with good people.

Switching it Off

Don’t get me wrong. I loved spending time with my family. In fact, I used the light switch in my office for years as the mechanism to know when it was time to leave one part of my life and move on to the other. If the light was off, work was over. However, my kids would be the first to rat me out. They would tell you that my methods to keep work at work, “didn’t work”. There was always business spoken at the dinner table or on weekends. That being said, it would have been worse. The competitor and over achiever in me would have made me put my head down and not see anything else but the road of success ahead.  I thank God for that light switch every day. That light switch helped me put life in perspective. What do you do to put life in perspective so you remember what you are working so hard for?  Take the time to do this now so you can get more out of life professionally and personally. I can help.

Being a teacher, a coach and a facilitator of The Entrepreneurial Operating System, EOS and helping companies achieve Traction is a calling for me. It helps me deliver on my two pronged belief. I get to help others live the life they want, with people they want, earning a good living – having success and having time to pursue the joys and passions of life.

What a great way to live! Join me. Call me today so I can share with you all you need to know about EOS and getting the business and the life you want! No magic pills or silver bullets! Just a system of simple tools.

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