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The Biggest Key to Keeping Employees Happy and Engaged

I am an advocate of healthy organizational culture, and strongly believe a committed group of people can do the seemingly impossible. During annual sessions with clients, I’ve witnessed how the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) process transformed companies and lives. A number of CEOs expressed their excitement as they spoke about the impact EOS on their teams.

Engage employees = Healthy culture

According to a Harris Poll of over 10 thousand employees, the survey found 1-out of-3 employees don’t understand their priorities, 1-out of-5 don’t care about their job, and half the people are unaware of their role within the organization. These sobering statistics are merely a reflection of disengaged employees.

Employee disengagement is caused by the lack of understanding on how they can contribute to the company. When I introduce our EOS holistic approach to leadership teams, they often take the tools and implement them within their respective departments. Doing such helps create sustainable change, and transforms the company culture from the inside out. Staff members are happy, engaged, and excited about the company’s vision.

Measure your progress

When I first start working with a company’s leadership team, we create our 90-day world of rocks – which is one of the ways for them to understand how they can contribute to the organization. The team has the responsibility of acting on their rocks, and controlling accountability to help achieve their goals.

In EOS, we use a scorecard to measure progress. Scorecards are another way we instill engagement. It’s a high-level instrument that has anywhere from five to 15 quantifiable activities, that can be measured on a weekly basis over a 13 week period. You should be measuring the progress of activity numbers to give a fast lead on recognizing if anything is going awry.

I started my EOS Implementer journey in November 2012, and since then I’ve witnessed the transformation of multiple company cultures. Seeing how all of my teams click is exciting proof that the system works.

Happy employees are engaged employees. When your staff takes ownership of their individual role within the organization, they pour themselves into their job. If your organization has a high employee turnover rate, and is filled with disengaged workers, it’s an indication of a culture problem. Give us a call so we can help implement the EOS process and transform your organization.

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