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Your company is growing! Great news. But you know that growth means expansion and if the growth is strong enough, you’ll need to create new positions in the company to handle the increased workload. When you are growing, you have to onboard new people quickly and get them productive as fast as possible. To do that, you need to follow a protocol for successful growth. As a business owner, there …Read More

Video: State of the Company Meetings are Essential for Growth

In this third and final video in my series of important strategic actions business owners need to take at the end of each year, I share the important role annual budgeting plays in helping businesses grow. (Read the first two posts – ‘Tis the Season for Strategic Planning and The Importance of Annual Budgeting for Growth.) One of the most important things a company can do to get everyone in …Read More

Video: The Importance of Annual Budgeting to Grow Your Business

In this second video in my series of important strategic actions business owners need to take at the end of each year, I share the important role annual budgeting plays in helping businesses grow. (Read my last post on ‘Tis the Season for Strategic Planning.) It’s all about the transparency of numbers. There is a lot of fear around numbers but there is also power in numbers. I sometimes need …Read More

{Workshop} Position Your Business for Predictable, Sustainable Growth

Tired of the cash flow roller coaster ride? Not sure if you are going to meet your sales targets this year? Frustrated because it seems like your business is running you instead of you running your business? We can help you eliminate the uncertainty that keeps you up at night by showing you how to implement simple but powerful systems in your business that ensure sustainable growth. Please join Craig …Read More

Conation Is Integral To Determining the Right Seat for Every Employee!

Hopefully you’ve heard from me by now that it’s absolutely essential for your business to have the right people in the right seats for you to achieve every part of your Company Vision. Have you ever had a situation with an employee where you couldn’t put your finger on why they couldn’t be successful in their role? For all intents and purposes, they were absolutely the Right Person – meaning …Read More

Where Will Bobi Be Sharing Her Wisdom?

I love to speak to business owners about taking control of their business. I have presented to many organizations of different shapes, sizes, and industries and I just love the immediate feedback and sense of purpose I get from the audience after each presentation. Business owners are energized, hopeful, and inspired to make some changes to the way they run their business. Cool, right? So to help inspire and energize …Read More

Can your Company Handle Growth?

Growth is good. We all want it. But before your team starts chanting “Growth or Die!” at the next planning meeting, take a step back and recognize that growth is a two-headed dragon. Just like Yin and Yang needs to stay in balance to thwart chaos, growth has two components that need to stay in balance to avoid chaos in your business. So many companies get stuck thinking only of …Read More

Documenting Your Core Processes is the Key to Growth

Imagine sitting down to dinner at your favorite restaurant and ordering your most beloved entree. After what seems like ages waiting for your food to come, the waiter finally sets it down in front of you. Your mouth begins to water as you anticipate the explosion of exquisite flavors you are about to experience. You take that first bite, your expectations through the roof – and your dish tastes nothing …Read More

Strengthening the Core of your Business

One of my passions outside of facilitating EOS sessions and working with entrepreneurs, is performing and teaching Pilates. Pilates is focused primarily on the “Powerhouse” area of the body, which is also considered your core (generally this area consists of your abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and glutes). We call it the “Powerhouse” area because the large muscles that make up this area, along with the smaller supporting muscles, are …Read More

The Power of Core Values

Bring up core values in a business meeting and inevitably someone starts to roll their eyes. I’ve heard “Why are we focusing on touchy-feely stuff?” “Why aren’t we working on a business challenge where we can see results?” But once again, I have witnessed the power of a company coming together to define and embrace their core values. When I start working with a new client, we discover, discuss and …Read More