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Where Will Bobi Be Sharing Her Wisdom?

I love to speak to business owners about taking control of their business. I have presented to many organizations of different shapes, sizes, and industries and I just love the immediate feedback and sense of purpose I get from the audience after each presentation. Business owners are energized, hopeful, and inspired to make some changes to the way they run their business. Cool, right? So to help inspire and energize …Read More

How Much Swing Does Your Leadership Team Have?

Every team faces adversity in their business. Sometime we bring this adversity on ourselves and sometimes it’s caused by events outside our control. Either way, these events feel really heavy and dire when they are presented. Whether it is being threatened with the loss of a large customer, loss of a deal the business desperately needs, a strategic vendor goes out of business, you find yourself in the wrong business, …Read More

Are you on target to make your sales goals?

It’s hard to believe that we already six months into this year. Time flies! Given that, have you sat down and looked at your sales and marketing goals? Are you on target to make those goals? Did you even create any goals to help keep you focused and on track? Don’t panic or throw in the towel yet! We can help you maximize your sales opportunities and still make 2016 …Read More