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Q&A: Have you set the bar too high?

Q: Are we sacrificing revenue to complete rocks?

If we think about the Steven Covey’s analogy of rocks, pebbles, sand and water – most people who don’t choose Revenue Rocks see revenue generation as pebbles.

We can all agree that revenue generation is paramount to our existence and can be pegged as a daily activity to sustain our business. However, it should not be classified as a rock. The real issue is that we have set the bar too high with the number of other rocks we have identified for the quarter.

If you are aware that Revenue is not tracking with plans, review the plans. Is there a plan? Are they realistic? Are you honestly doing the activities necessary to earn the revenue? – And then look at the rocks you chose. Did you pile too much on your plate to address your pebbles well while achieving greater traction in your business?

Drill down to the heart of the problem…remember, less is more!

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