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Your company is growing! Great news. But you know that growth means expansion and if the growth is strong enough, you’ll need to create new positions in the company to handle the increased workload.

When you are growing, you have to onboard new people quickly and get them productive as fast as possible. To do that, you need to follow a protocol for successful growth. As a business owner, there are certain steps you need to take and strategic decisions that need to be made before posting to hire for a new position.

First, decide whether you really need to hire someone permanently. Then identify the exact skill set needed for this new position. Finally, conduct your interviews to make sure you get the right person with the skill set needed to start executing for you very quickly.

Do You Really Need to Create a New Position?

If there were a seasonal increase, a special project, or an employee on paid leave, it would be counterproductive and wasteful to create a new position. Complaints in an increased workload may indicate that time management needs improvement. Auditing the employee’s performance first can save the company’s resources later.

Signals That It’s Time to Create a New Position

It’s time to create a new position when there is a consistent work overload, regular use of contractors, an improvement in economy, or employees are spending time on tasks that are not aligned with their skills.

Identify What the Position Is

First, identify the skillsets you need to fill the position. Your analysis will enable you to figure out what type of employee you need, and can be used to develop performance criteria standards. Once you have figured out the position, duties, and skills, you are ready to start looking for the right fit.

Find the Right Fit

Identifying when it is absolutely necessary to create a new position, and filling the seat with the right person, is a necessity as your company grows. Here are some tips on how to identify the right person to fill this new seat in your organization.

Following the proper protocol to make sure it’s done successfully will save you the replacement costs, additional management time for coaching, and the loss of productivity a bad hire will produce.

Need help deciding if it’s time to start hiring? Give me a call at 630-728-4177 to start the conversation.

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