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Documenting Your Core Processes is the Key to Growth

Imagine sitting down to dinner at your favorite restaurant and ordering your most beloved entree. After what seems like ages waiting for your food to come, the waiter finally sets it down in front of you. Your mouth begins to water as you anticipate the explosion of exquisite flavors you are about to experience. You take that first bite, your expectations through the roof – and your dish tastes nothing like you remember. The flavors are different, the consistency is off, and the food just isn’t right. You leave disappointed, wondering what could possibly have happened.


A Scalability Scandal

Your favorite restaurant has just encountered an issue with their scalability. After months of being overworked and underappreciated, the old chef quit and, unfortunately for the restaurant, the only place its famous recipes were documented was in her mind’s eye. When it started as a five-table restaurant, it hadn’t seemed necessary to write down all of the chef’s recipes. And as the business grew, the time to do so wasn’t available. The new chef was doing the best he could to replicate the recipes of the past, but his efforts were in vain. Eventually, the restaurant lost its ten-year regulars, word of mouth of its mediocre food spread, no one wanted to buy the owners out, and its doors were shut for good.


The Importance of Scalability

As seen in this restaurant’s case, scalability is wildly important for the success of any business. Scalability refers to the capability of a business to handle a growing amount of work. To help your business grow, you must document the core processes your company uses to get work done or deliver your product or service. This is especially important if you are growing quickly and bringing in new people. You need to train these people quickly. Having documented processes to share on how they should complete their work speed onboarding faster and insures tighter quality.  I think we can all agree that making use of the investment in people in our business more quickly and reducing costly mistakes greatly enhances the results we can expect from our business.   In the restaurant scenario, the owners did not document their processes (in this case their recipes) as their business grew. Consequently, once a change in their leadership occurred, the restaurant was unable to bounce back from the loss of their most important asset.


Consistency is Key

People like consistency. Whether it’s in their favorite food, the monthly delivery of office supplies, or their projected monthly growth in sales, people expect consistency. Scalability ensures consistent delivery to customers, a concept that is of the utmost importance in any business endeavor. Customers expect the same results and outcomes every single time while working with your business. For your processes to be uniform, and ultimately produce the same results for your customers every time, you must document these processes to ensure their scalability throughout the entire team. The example restaurant went out of business because of a lack of scalability. They had to shut their doors because no one wanted to take over a business without set processes. If you want to sell your business, the business needs documented processes to be valuable. An investor needs to know your business has direction in order to have confidence in its ability to deliver consistent results time and time again. But how do you document these processes?


The 3 Step Process Documenter

I use an EOS tool called the 3 Step Process Documenter to help my clients take a look at all of their operations and document processes thoroughly and quickly. This 3 Step Process Documenter is a reliable way to create uniformity in your processes from top to bottom. The three steps will direct you in identifying, documenting, and packaging your core processes, ultimately creating a consistent guide to use for all operations. As you grow, these documented processes may be used to train new hires. In this manner, you can create consistency in the next generation of leaders and keep your business thriving and delivering the best results every time.

Consistency is key. Ensure that your business flourishes this year by documenting your processes and creating consistency. In order to find out how you can utilize the 3 Step Process Documenter and help your business grow, call Conrad Business Results at 630.728.4177.


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