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Conation Is Integral To Determining the Right Seat for Every Employee!

Hopefully you’ve heard from me by now that it’s absolutely essential for your business to have the right people in the right seats for you to achieve every part of your Company Vision. Have you ever had a situation with an employee where you couldn’t put your finger on why they couldn’t be successful in their role? For all intents and purposes, they were absolutely the Right Person – meaning they shared the company values and everyone loved them. They were talented and solid at doing the skills at their job. Yet there were others that could do the same work with the same quality but continue to perform well over and over again and thrive doing it.

But somehow this one employee wasn’t able to keep pace and seemed to get lost along the way. You were frustrated, the team was frustrated, and the employee was frustrated because they couldn’t seem to please. The question you needed to ask at that point is “Do I have the right person but the wrong seat?”

This is where tools like skills assessments pay dividends.

I remember times in the history of managing my team of developers where I had individuals that were Right People. They worked hard, put in hours where necessary, and were always willing to go above and beyond. These individuals also knew how to write solid code. What they wrote worked and satisfied the specifications of the client. The problem was that they couldn’t keep pace.

I finally figured out that the environment didn’t provide them the fluidness or lack of interruption that they needed to be successful. They thrived when they could concentrate on one assignment at a time without interruption or constant hard fast deadlines. They simply burned out quickly.

As a leader, those situations were always frustrating. I liked the employee. They worked hard. But it wasn’t working out. There was a human and a family involved in addition to the requirement of the bigger picture that weighed on me as well. Balancing the human element with the business need is not always easy. In these situations, I would have the conversation with the employee about how the “services” environment didn’t seem to suit them. I would encourage them to look into a new position with a company where they could be part of an inhouse team where constant deadlines were not an issue. In a position like that, more times than not, they would be given ample time to finish their projects. They would fit in better and feel satisfied and rewarded in their work.

They were not a “fit” for our environment but as part of my leadership commitment to my people I was helping them move on with grace and their dignity in place by pointing out situations where I thought they would thrive. That was my way of putting my finger on the problem.

What I have come to discover since those days is that this is where Conation comes into play in determining the Right Seat for your employees.

Conation is defined as your striving instincts that drive your NATURAL behaviors – how you think, act and behave naturally when you are striving or directing your effort towards something. It is your M.O., if you will. It is not biased by gender, age or race. 96% of cases show no change in conation on test and retests.

So how do you measure conation in your employees to see if they are in the Right Seat? Conation is measured by an assessment called the Kolbe Index. The Kolbe Index is a diagnostic tool that helps business owners hire the right people, put the right people in the right seats, identify the traits needed for each leadership position, build better teams and maximize each employee’s potential.

The tool is not designed to measure how smart you are, how capable you are, or what you can or can’t do. It’s not about your personality, social style, natural instincts, and what you want to do. It focuses on an employee’s strengths and identifies traits that are universal and equal (unbiased).

You can use Kolbe Index assessments to:

• Promote a greater sense of accomplishment
• Improve individual productivity
• Align talent with appropriate roles
• Build teams with the right chemistry for high performance
• Implement equal and unbiased classification of strengths

Hiring, moving, and firing people because of misaligned skills is frustrating, emotionally draining, and time consuming. Having Kolbe as part of your hiring process can further ensure that you have the Right Person in the Right Seat and keep your business moving forward.

I believe so much in how identifying conation in your employees solves leadership challenges, that I am now certified as Kolbe Index practitioner to provide my clients with a deeper understanding of Kolbe to help them build a stronger team creating the synergy necessary to get momentum in their business and life they want. Give me a call with any questions on how using Kolbe in the hiring process has helped other companies and can help your business at 630-728-4177.

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