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Heart Based Leadership

Video: ‘Tis the Season for Strategic Planning

I was recently interviewed about how important strategic planning is for businesses, especially at this time of year. In this video interview, I share how critical it is to assess the goals you accomplished (or missed) in the past year and what goals you hope to accomplish next year. Strategic planning at its core helps you get focused on how and where you want to grow your business. Once you …Read More

Conation Is Integral To Determining the Right Seat for Every Employee!

Hopefully you’ve heard from me by now that it’s absolutely essential for your business to have the right people in the right seats for you to achieve every part of your Company Vision. Have you ever had a situation with an employee where you couldn’t put your finger on why they couldn’t be successful in their role? For all intents and purposes, they were absolutely the Right Person – meaning …Read More

Introduction to EOS with Bobi Siembieda

Want to learn more about EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, and how I as an EOS facilitator can help business owners get what they want out of their business? I was recently interviewed on the subject and wanted to share the video with you. For companies that are doing well, EOS provides a system or framework that allows the business owner to grow and take the company to a place …Read More

Help Your Organization Grow Faster by Getting the Right People in the Right Seats

Have you heard of the expression “Get the right people in the right seats?” Do you know what it really means? Do you know how to let this adage guide your leadership decisions? Do you consciously think about it as you build your Executive Team or hire someone new? You should because it is a powerful concept that helps businesses operate at their full potential for faster growth. Getting the …Read More

The Power of Core Values

Bring up core values in a business meeting and inevitably someone starts to roll their eyes. I’ve heard “Why are we focusing on touchy-feely stuff?” “Why aren’t we working on a business challenge where we can see results?” But once again, I have witnessed the power of a company coming together to define and embrace their core values. When I start working with a new client, we discover, discuss and …Read More