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Founder Bio

Bobi Siembieda

Bobi Siembieda is a seasoned strategist and tactical implementer who creates and executes business plans from concept to tangible results.   A senior executive with a strong focus on operations and technology management with experience spanning entrepreneurial startups to Multi-National Fortune 500 companies.

Bobi’s credits her father’s trade as a career catalyst.   A carton maker by trade, her father often took her to the plant when he was off shift.  Holding his hand as they entered and moved through the plant, she grew to appreciate the people that made the business hum.  Her father had an ease with people and was well liked by all whether they were foremen,  pressman, printers, stockers, maintenance personnel or assembly line personnel.  It was a process essay she had to write for a college freshman English class that sealed the deal for her.  After interviewing her father, she crafted a process essay on “how to make a carton”.  From that point on, she was enthralled with how things were made, what the process was, who the people were and the inner workings for the business that made them.

Bobi started her career in technology and spent 30+ years implementing business application systems for companies of all sizes.  Working with hundreds of companies over the years aligning people, process and technology has given her a bird’s eye view to those that succeed, those that stagnate and how to help them get out of their own way to move forward.  She is energized by the spirit of the American entrepreneur and by the small to Fortune 500 companies that develop out of their fortitude, courage and genius.  Following this passion, Conrad Business Results was founded to help the success of such grow-oriented companies.