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Conrad Business Results helps business owners with hands-on leadership to integrate all areas of their business, resulting in reduced costs, increased utilization of resources and greater profitability.

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Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) is a thoroughly proven system that strengthens the Six Key Components™ of entrepreneurial organizations, harnessing all the moving parts of a business and focusing all energy and resources in one meaningful direction.

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  • We have worked with Bobi for almost two years now. She's taken us from a group of people doing stuff for clients to running a 'real' business. In that time, we've more than doubled employee count, diversified revenues and built a management team that has grown the business so far beyond what I could have done on my own. I'm getting married next month and will be out of the office for three weeks. This would not ever have been possible without Bobi & EOS. Best $$ I ever spent.

    Paul Rakovich, Clicks and Clients

  • Bobi has been crucial to our successful adoption of EOS. Her facilitation and insight during our quarterly and annual offsite sessions has given us the freedom to work on our business in a way that has transformed how we operate. Since adopting EOS and engaging Bobi, we have grown our business in excess of 40% year over year. We have moved from dismal ratings in our six key components to high double digit percentages. We have maintained a focused pulse on our business and greatly reduced and eliminated the fire-drill atmosphere pre-EOS. I look forward to my time with Bobi each quarter. The ROI is obvious and significant. She gets my full endorsement and recommendation as an EOS implementer. That's not just talk either. I have recommended her to several firms that have engaged her services and been equally pleased.

    Brent Weaver, uGurus

  • Bobi brings great depth and breadth of understanding of business and management issues, in addition to her technology know-how. In group discussions, it is often Bobi who will come at an issue from a perspective that others haven't considered, which results in positive breakthroughs."

    - Kathy Schaeffer, President at Kathy Schaeffer & Assoc. and Owner, Kathy Schaeffer & Assoc.

  • I have had the privilege to sit with Bobi on a board of advisers and let me tell you no one had insights and innovative ideas..that hit right on target..she is compassionate yet firm…assertive but not pushy...and smart, smart, smart... if you have a chance to form any kind of business relationship with Bobi grab it!!"

    - Bruce Leon, President at Benefits Solutions Group and Tandem HR

  • I have had the good fortune to be able to partner with Bobi Siembieda across many of the companies she has led. She comes to her clients as a full service business solution provider. She works well with both colleagues and customers to deliver outstanding results from concept to deployment."

    - Rich Schubkegel, Direct Selling Professional

  • Have received services, I.T., from Bobi and two different companies that she has worked for. The service has been high quality and the experience has always been a positive one."

    - John Loftus, I.T. Manager at Market Day

  • Working with Bobi over the last ten years has been extremely beneficial. Bobi is one of the most well rounded and intelligent business leaders I have ever had the good fortune of working with. I have come to count on her wisdom. Bobi always brings and offers a fresh perspective to both challenges and success alike. She applies a balanced level of common sense, streets smarts and strong business experience to all issues. It is this approach that has directly benefited FTS. Bobi will continue to mentor and coach me for many years to come."

    - Scott Corwin, Managing Partner at Future Technology Solutions

  • Bobi has been a member of a small group of CEO's I belong to who meet monthly. In this setting, I find her to be an exceptional listener and an outstanding problem solver. She has a great sensitivity to the human dimension of business problems, and can strive for the most favorable "bottom-line" result while being responsive to the human issues that are involved. She was a major contributor to our group, one of the "glue" people who not only held us together but also connected with every member of the group. She has unique gifts which have to translate into being able to build a dynamic culture of success within any company she leads."

    - Dan Doody, President / CEO at Doody Enterprises, Inc.

  • I have known Bobi for nearly 7 years both as a business owner peer, friend and client. In all cases I have always been impressed with Bobi's passion for her work, her objective analysis of complex situations and her innate sense of always putting people first in her business decisions. Bobi is a business leader with strong business ethics and excellent ability to empower her teams to achieve greatness in anything they seek to accomplish. I highly respect Bobi and would recommend her to any of my clients seeking an interim executive leader who will get things done."

    - Carl Kutsmode (LION), Talent Acquisition Solutions Consultant - Recruiting process, technology, strategy optimizaiton; M&A; Global expansion

  • Bobi is a powerful businesswoman. She is an excellent strategic thinker as well as tactical implementer. She is articulate and passionate about her customers and the people that work for her."

    - Gil Herman, Chair at Vistage International, Executive Coach, Facilitator - strategic planning, team building, leadership development